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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why do most mascaras suck!?

Why is it so hard to find a decent mascara that doesn't clump, flake or leave my lashes looking like spider legs?

I've tried lots and I've actually found one I think is just about perfect: Clinique Naturally Glossy. Well, it smudges sometimes, so it isn't perfect. But it's the best I've found considering the only others I like tend to be made by Dior, or Chanel, and are really really spendy.

I guess I'm lucky in that the reason most mascaras are too much for my lashes is that my eyelashes are fairly long, thick, and naturally curled. I don't really *need* mascara, per se, not to add bulk anyway, but my lashes benefit from a little darkening and definition. The Naturally Glossy is great, and last year when I was in France I picked up a Nivea mascara with a unique rubbery brush that was just amazing. I saved the brush, but alas the mascara is long gone. I supposed I should just be happy with the Clinique one that works for me, but I get bored and want variety.

So every now and then I decide I'm going to give drugstore mascaras are try, and I'm invariably disappointed and sorry I bothered. They either add way too much gunk to my lashes (even the old trick of wiping the brush isn't enough), or they are really wet and make them droopy. The latest offenders are Max Factor Lash Lift and Cover Girl Fantastic Lash, which wasn't at all fantastic - actually, they were both pretty abysmal. The Lash Lift went on clumpy despite wiping the excess off the brush before application. "Fantastic" Lash was impossible to work with, too thick, too clumpy, and not at all natural looking.

Now I see Neutrogena has a Lash Tint product out, and I'm intrigued by it, but not ready to take the plunge while still stinging from these last two crappy mascaras. Sooner or later I'm sure my curiosity will win out, so watch this space for possible raves (but probably rants) about it.


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